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        Namur pilot /air valve

Namur pilot /air valve:
Namur series: Namur valve has three kinds working pattern 3/2,5/2,5/3. And it also has 1/8” to 1” joint port size. The width of the valve body is 30mm, the flow rate 1332~1554nl/min. Namur series has perfect design, delicate progress and the reasonable price.

M 1 1 2 06
Namur series 1:1/8 wide size 1:single-head control voltage nozzle aperture coil type
solenoid valve 2:1/4 wide size 2:double-head control 1:AC110V M5:M5 blank:terminal box 
  3:3/8 wide size   2:AC220V 06:1/8 F:lead-out type
  4:1/2 wide size   3:AC380V 08:1/4 A:pneumatic control type
      4:DC24V 10:3/8  
      5:DC12V 15:1/2  
*stable life, a life expectancy of 12 million times
*selection of various kinds of voltage and working mode
*different surface treatment,optional screw type (G,NPT,PT)
*working pressure:1.5~8Bar working pressure
*working temperature:-5~60℃ working temperature
Namur pilot /air valve