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        V series

V series:

V series: V series solenoid valve and pilot valve is the common controlling element, which has the full kinds of port size, from 1/8” to 1”. And It also has different specification, flow rate and position. It has many connecting ways with the execution element.


Model 4V110-M5 4V120-M5 4V130C-M5 4V130E-M5 4V130P-M5 4V1110-06 4V120-06 4V130C-06 4V130E-06 4V130P-06
4A110-M5 4A120-M5 4A123C-M5 4A130E-M5 4A130P-M5 4A110-06 4A120-06 4A130C-06 4A130E-06 4A130P-06
Position Number Two-position Five-way Three-position Five-way Two-position Five-way Three-position Five-way
Effective Sectional Area 10m㎡(CV=0.56) 7m㎡(CV=0.40) 12m㎡(CV=0.67) 9m㎡(CV=0.50)
Joint Pipe Bore Air Inlet=Outlet=Exhaust=M5×0.8 Air Inlet=Outlet=Exhaust=G1/8
Working Medium 40 Micron Filtered Air
Motion Pattern Inner Guide Type
Working-pressure 0.15~8KG/CM2
Max.Pressure Resistance 12KG/CM2
Operating Temperature 5~50℃
Voltage Range ±10%
Power Consumption AC:2.5VA   DC:2.5W
Insulation&Protection Class F Class.IP65
Wiring Form Lead Wire or Connector Type
Highest Action Frequency 5 Cycle/Sea
Shortest Excitation Time 0.05 Second
4V Ordering Code
4V 10 06 B AC220V   W
Sepcification Code Coil and Places Joint Pipe Bore Joint Pipe Form Standard Voltage Wiring Form
4V:Two(Three)-position Five-way Solenoid Valve 10:Single-head Double-position M5:M5×0.8 Brank:Pipe Connection Type DC12V Blank:standard Connector
4A:Two(Three)-position Five-way Pneumatic Control Valve 20:Double-head Double-position 06:1/8 B:Board Connection Type DC24V LD:Brown with Lighting Connector
  30C:Double-head Three-position Close Type 08:1/4   AC24V 50Hz/60Hz LD1:White with Lighting Connector
  30E:Double-head Three-position Exhaust Type 10:3/8   AC110V 50Hz/60Hz W:Lead Wire Type
  30P:Double-head Three-position Pressure Type 15:1/2   AC220V 50Hz/60Hz  
        AC380V 50Hz/60Hz  

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