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        A/B series

A/B series:

A/B series:A/B series is well sold in Northeast Asia and at home for many years, for its low cost ,best appearance and best quality. It has two kinds of valve body and four variety port sizes. The A series is different from B series, which mainly on protective cover and valve body.


Operating Fluid 空气/Air
Joint Pipe Bore G1/4 G1/4 G3/8 G1/2
Filtering Element Roughness 40u
Range of Adjustable Pressure 0.50~8.5KG/CM2
Max.Adjustable Pressure 9.5KG/CM2
Ensured Pressure Resistance 15KG/CM2
Operating Temperature Range 5~60℃
Capacity of Filter Cup 15cc 60cc
Capacity of Oil Feed Cup 25cc 90cc
Suggested Lube ISO VG 32/ISO VG 32or Same Grade Oil
Weight 0.7KG 0.9KG